What Is No Exam Life Insurance?

Simplified issue life insurance, or no exam life insurance, is designed for those in the market place with anywhere from preferred to standard health. Those who are able to purchase a simplified issue policy are not required to undergo the typical medical exam that may be required when purchasing a policy. Eliminating the physical medical examination process is what enables simplified issue policies to be approved in a timely manner.

Health Questions

When purchasing a policy online there are only a few health questions to answer. These questions will help determine if an individual qualifies for coverage prior to the purchase of their policy.


During the application process an individual will be requested to select a beneficiary for their policy. The beneficiary is the individual who is to receive the lump sum payment from the policy in the event of a loss. A typical beneficiary would be a husband, wife, or even children.  You can also have multiple beneficiaries on a policy.

Quotes and Rates

If you would like to receive an instant and accurate no exam life insurance quote, click here. The rates for no medical exam products are going to be very competitive when compared to a quote for a policy that requires a health exam.

To get a quote you simply supply your name, age, gender, height, weight, and whether or not you use tobacco and you can see your quote instantly. If you decide to buy the policy you have been quoted, simply proceed to the next step and begin the application. Click here to get started.


SimplifiedIssueLifeInsurance.com works with the top rated insurance companies. We currently sell policies with Mutual of Omaha, Life if the Southwest, MetLife, Transamerica, Genworth, and Fidelity. These companies all share an “A / Excellent” A.M. Best rating. Below are the companies we represent alongside their rating.

  • Mutual of Omaha – A+ (Superior)
  • Life Of The Southwest – A (Excellent)
  • MetLife – A+ (Superior)
  • TransAmerica – A+ (Superior)
  • Genworth -  A (Excellent)

Non Medical Policies

You can choose from a wide variety of life insurance policies. The terms range from 10 to 15 to 20 years. You can choose any coverage amount between $25,000 and $350,000.

Apply Online/ Buy Online

With the technology available today, the life insurance business has entered the online era. It is possible to apply for and buy life insurance online or over the phone. If you are comfortable buying your life insurance policy online, click here to get a quote. If you would like to speak to a licensed agent and purchase coverage over the phone, please call 888-407-0714.


Depending on your health, a no medical policy can be very affordable. Rates start as low as $20 per month.

Features and Benefits

  • Immediate approval in most cases.
  • No Medical Health Exam
  • Accelerated Benefit Insurance Rider
  • Children’s Term Rider (Optional)
  • Easy online application process
  • Policy delivered via email (Except in California)
  • Easy coverage for tobacco users and smokers.

Frequently Asked Questions

For information please read our complete guide to life insurance.

Is it really instant?

Our online application provides immediate notice of approval. Once your policy has been approved you will receive a conditional statement with policy information. Your policy will then be sent to you via email and regular mail.

Can I get a policy if I am a senior citizen?

Yes. While our instant approval application is for ages 18-65, you can call our sales center and they will be happy to take an application over the phone for a policy for senior citizens.

How much does it cost?

A typical simplified issue policy (no health examination) ranges from $25-$100 per month. These policies are a great low cost solution for many people who are looking for affordable life insurance coverage without the requirement of a health exam. If you would like to compare multiple quotes, please call our sales center at 888-407-0714.

What if I have or had cancer?

We have policies for many situations.  Please call our sales center to have an application submitted over the phone.

What if I am a diabetic?

25.8 million Americans have diabetes. We offer many policies for our diabetic customers. Yes, it is possible to buy coverage if you have diabetes.

What if I am a smoker?

We offer non medical policies for smokers and tobacco users. Generally, this type of policy is more expensive for tobacco users.

Can I Buy a Policy for My Parents?

Yes, many elderly people buy coverage with the help of their children. Taking a physical exam is not always an option. This kind of policy is a great option when helping your loved ones get adequate  coverage.

What if I am a veteran?

The insurance companies we represent have many options for no medical exam policies for veterans. Simply apply online or call our sales center to speak with a licensed agent.

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